Cairde Activation Company Limited by Guarantee

Unit 5, Largy, Clones, Co. Monaghan

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Cairde Activation Centre Ltd is a day care service for adults with intellectual disabilities which endeavours to advance the provision of a community based, high quality service which maximises the individual’s potential, independence, active citizenship and community integration.

 Our Objectives

  1. To promote the general welfare of adults with Intellectual Disabilities
  2. To disseminate knowledge of Intellectual Disabilities
  3. To encourage the highest possible standards of treatment, education, training and employment for adults with Intellectual Disabilities.
  4. To give direction and guidance to parents and relatives of  people with Intellectual Disabilities
  5. To provide day care facilities.
  6. To strive always to continuously improve the service.Cairde recognises the importance of family life and wishes its policies and procedures to reflect this, assisting its workers to combine employment with their family life, caring responsibilities and personal life outside the workplace.

Mission Statement


Cairde aims to offer a person centred approach that reflects the needs and aspirations of each individual with an Intellectual Disability with emphasis on integration with the wider community.

Through a person centred approach Cairde will work in partnership with:

    • Individuals with an Intellectual Disability
    • Their family and friends
    • Staff and volunteers
    • Community Groups
    • Employers
    • State and semi-state organisations