Referrals can be made by professionals such as GPs, social workers, RIDNs, Community RIDNs.

Referrals should meet- certain criteria below.

An application form must be fully completed and include information on risk history and finance

An applicant must be aged 18 years at time of admission.

The applicant and carer (if so desired) will be invited to visit the service and discuss his/her needs with Care staff.

A joint risk assessment conducted by the relevant parties must indicate compatibility with current residents.

The registered provider and person in charge must ensure that the risk assessment protects all residents from abuse.

The registered provider must be satisfied that the appropriate staffing and resources are available to meet the needs of the individual.

The registered provider must be satisfied that there is adequate multi-disciplinary input to support the individual’s needs.

The Person in Charge must be satisfied with the training and educational plan for the individual.

The Person in charge must be satisfied that the designated centre can meet all the needs of the individual, such as behavioural or communication for example.

An Admission Panel will meet to consider all applications. The referral agent or any other relevant party will be invited to discuss the application and provide further information/clarification as appropriate.

The registered provider will require a full health assessment records for the individual.

The registered provider will complete a comprehensive joint risk assessment involving the relevant multidisciplinary personnel. The registered provider has to be satisfied that all residents will be protected from abuse and compatible to reside together within the designated centre.

The Admission Panel’s decision will be communicated to the referral agent as soon as possible and will always be followed up with a written explanation of the decision.

An Appeals Procedure is in place if a prospective applicant is not satisfied with the outcome from the admissions panel.

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